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Our office can supply different types of lawyers in the case, namely the lawyers in the case of disputes in civil and commercial matters concerning family in various cases as follows. 
1. Attorney of divorce case 
2. Attorney of registration for adopted case 
3. Attorney of claim compensation
4. Attorney of partition of property case 
5. Attorney of revoke for marriage price
6. Attorney of ante nuptial agreement case


Purchasing a condominium, home and/or land in Thailand is an attractive prospect for many non-Thai citizens. Although nationality restrictions mean stricter requirements are placed on land and condominium ownership for foreigners, it is still possible for foreign nationals to acquire houses ,condominiums and, to a limited extent, land. Our real estate lawyers specialize in Thailand real estate law and have decades of experience assisting foreign nationals in Thailand. Our Thailand lawyers regularly advise and help our clients with the following real estate law procedures


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We provide reliable legal services at affordable rates.

We are familiar with the legal issues which foreigners can encounter while staying in Thailand and have assisted hundreds of clients with their legal cases….

Why use Ratchada Law Firm for your Thailand Accounting?

No industry or business within that industry is the same. Bangkok Base understands that when it comes to accounting, one size does not fit all, and that as your business develops, your accounting requirements may vary, therefore we provide our accounting service packages based on volume and complexity.

Ratchada law accounting team is comprised of CPA’s and accountants registered with the Ministry of Commerce who have years of experience with the requirements of the Thai Civil and Commercial Code, with respect to the setting up and maintaining of your accounts.

Not only does Ratchada law understand your business and manage your accounting in Thailand, we also have the ability to report and interact with counterparts in other countries with different accounting requirements.

Payroll / Personal income tax reporting A monthly payroll report for all of your employees, including yourself.

 VAT reporting and filing VAT report on all sales and business transactions, due by the 15th of each month for the preceding month.

Withholding tax reporting and filing A monthly report and remittance covering a Withholding tax collected through a deduction made on a payment when the payment is made. The payer will report and remit the Withholding Tax to the Revenue Department on a monthly basis.

Monthly social security payments A mandatory report and remittance, for each of your employees.

Regular monthly bookkeeping Electronic account entry with Profit & Loss and Balance sheet.

Annual Audit Assistance in providing the required audit trail to a third party audit firm for the preparation of the required financial reports, and the filing of the annual audit report with the Commercial Registration Department, Ministry of Commerce, Revenue Department and Ministry of Finance. Note: This does not include the actual audit process.