Litigation attorneys in the office, we can supply to you the different types of lawyers in the case of disputes in civil and commercial cases are in the following.

Legal Services at Ratchada Law Firm

Here at Ratchadalaw Firm with offices in Bangkok we offer our clients a range of legal services in Thailand. If you work in Thailand or are now living in Thailand then it is always best to have access to proper legal advice. Our practice areas range from corporate services being company registration and basically setting up a business while in Thailand. We also offer other services such as apply for a work permit and an accounting service for VAT and corporate tax registration.

At Ratchadalaw Firm we also offer other services from our family law department such as divorce disputes and child custody issues. We can also assist you with marriage registration and prenuptial agreements. Our family law department also offers other advice with regards to property and marriage in Thailand. Finally we also offer advice and assistance with immigration both for Thai immigration and also foreign visa applications. These range from US visa and UK visa applications. Today we also offer full assistance with Australian visa applications in Bangkok.

Our corporate litigation service as well as our criminal law attorneys are also available as a full service law firm in Thailand. With extensive experience in both property disputes such as property holding structures as well as land and condominium purchases. We can also assist where there is a property lease dispute. Having started as an accounting firm in Thailand our tax and accountancy affiliate is fully qualified and well known to small businesses in Thailand inproviding a full range of bookkeeping as well as an accounting and auditing service with both foreign and local staff.



  • Inspect and check debtor documents
  • Mailing notify letters to debtors
  • Contact debtors for negotiating debts by phone or mail
  • Meet up at debtors places
  • Litigate base on our team decision in order to save your cost and make the case with the mostefficiency
  • Report and update of the debt
Proceed litigation until serving the decree.
  • Copy residence registers
  • Procure debtor locations by map and photos
  • Seeking debtor places
  • Seeking debtor properties

Taking, attaching and execute of judgment.

  • Seeking debtors residence
  • Contact debtors by phone
  • Sending notify letter
  • Report of bad debts
NOTIFY THE CONTENT OF CHEQUES,BILLS AND PROMISSORY: Be delegated to notify to inquiry officials.