Retirement Visa is applicable for the up 50-year-old aliens who propose to live in Thailand. The required documents are the financial statement of Saving Account or Fixed Deposit Account not less than 800,000 THB. or having salary not less than 65,000 THB. and also the total salary of 12 months is not less than 800,000 THB. to be used for the application at Royal Thai Police, Immigration Bureau. The permission of this Visa will be valid for 1 year. Moreover, the aliens with Multiple Non-Immigrant Visa don’t need to apply for Re-Entry Permit due to when you travel abroad, you will get the re-entry permit for 90 days.

 Request document follow this below please:

  1. Original Passport  and copy fist page ( singe on page )
  2. Passport photo 3 picture (not older than 3 month,2 inches in size ,white background,with no glasses and glued to the cover letter )
  3. Original Book bank from Kasikorn or Siam commercial bank ( S.C.B) and Copy fist page from book bank ( singe on page)
  4. Address in Thailand
  5. Application form T.M 7